Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Satya Sai baba: Condition improving

A tense Puttaparthy heaved a sign of relief 10 days after Satya Sai Baba was admitted at a super speciality hospital. Doctors attending the world-renowned spiritual leader, now say that though Sai Baba's condition is critical, he's showing signs of improvement."Satya Sai Baba has shown slight improvement, he continues to be in a serious state of health, we believe that ultimately he should have the sankalpa of coming out of this," said Satya Sai Institute of Medical Sciences Director Dr Safaya.Even as people pray for Sai Baba's recovery, the devotees in Puttaparthy believe that an idol that they had immersed recently was the reason why Sai Baba is in a critical condition. A huge procession was undertaken to recover the idol and place it back in the temple.
"We believe in Sai Baba. What Puttaparthy is now its all because of Sai Baba, we are praying for him to get well," said Abdul, a resident of Puttaparthy Village.
Hopes of countless people continue to swing between despair and hope. Devotees continue to pray for the speedy recovery of the 85-year-old spiritual guru, who helped millions of people by answering their question.

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