Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The dancing, spider-like futuristic cruiser!

Call it the wave of the future -- a dancing spider-like cruiser that can take up to 12 people on a 5,000-mile journey.

Sounds like something out of a James Bond flick? Yes, you heard it right. Scientists have built the Proteus, a cruiser known as Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel or WAM-V, which blasts along on two giant inflatable tubes that let it 'dance' with waves.

According to them, the spider-like craft, powered by twin diesel engines, can be crewed by just two people as it tackles voyages of up to 5,000 miles.

Monday, December 29, 2008

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Sunday, December 28, 2008


The people of India are really disgusted with every passing day after the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Its like both the Indian Government & Pakistan government are working hand in hand to just pass the time till people start forgetting about the tragedy & the public demand for action slows down. With every passing day either of the governments find some point or the other & pass on the blame to each other.
Till when will this game continue?
Do they really want to find a solution out of this?
From the look of it the people dont think so. What the general public thinks is that the Indian Government should act tough & give an ultimatom to the Pak Government. Say 24 hours. They have to act before 24 hours or face the consequences. What do you say? Something like this is necessary.

Friday, December 26, 2008


The British Broadcasting Corporation, a state-sponsored but independently run, media organization has attracted sharp criticism for having "double-standards" in its coverage of the Mumbai terror attacks. Most times the BBC reporters referred to the terrorists who attacked Mumbai as "gunmen" or "militants".
When Britain finds a group of men plotting in a home laboratory your government has no hesitation in creating an international storm, and the BBC has no hesitation in calling them terrorists. When nearly two hundred Indian lives are lost, you cannot find a word in your dictionary more persuasive than 'gunmen'.
In India most critics have pointed out that how BBC termed the July 7, 2005 attackers in London as "terrorists" without hesitation. While in case of Mumbai they used "gunmen" and at odd places "suspected terrorist."
It is a shame that the BBC cannot see the difference between a criminal and a terrorist, and chooses in fact to protect the terrorist by giving him the camouflage of a criminal. This is not a matter of semantics. Terrorists are always happy to fudge the definition.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mumbai Terror Probe

Less than a month after the unprecedented terror strikes in Mumbai , the Federal Bureau of Investigation has completed its probe in India and found evidence of a Pakistan security establishment being involved in the carnage.

An FBI team is likely to go there to prepare a chargesheet against the guilty.

As the FBI winds up the probe that commenced on December one, top US Intelligence official John Michael McConnell, who heads the Director of National Intelligence, air dashed to New Delhi and held series of meetings with the FBI team probing the case.

The FBI is understood to have found evidence about the role of a Pakistani security establishment other than the ISI being involved in the November 26 terror strikes in Mumbai that left over 180 people dead including six American nationals, official sources said.

McConnell has passed on the findings of FBI team to the officials in the government and the US probe agency would now be giving final touches to chargesheet in which it would be naming the accused persons.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

BrahMos Supersonic Cruise missile

A BrahMos supersonic cruise missile with a strike-range of 290 km was on Thursday successfully test-fired in a vertical launch configuration for the first time by the Indian Navy.

With this launch, BrahMos has become the world's first and only supersonic cruise missile capable of being launched from both vertical and inclined positions from naval platforms.

"BrahMos missile was successfully test fired in vertical-launch configuration from an Indian Navy ship in the Bay of Bengal on Thursday," Defence Ministry sources said in New Delhi .

The test, the sources said, was carried out at noon from a moving Rajdoot class warship. The vertical launcher used in the test has been designed and developed by the Indo-Russian joint venture BrahMos Corporation.

"The test has proved and demonstrated the new universal vertical launcher designed and developed by the Corporation," they said, adding, "The mission objectives of the test were fully achieved."

The launch, carried out in presence of senior Navy officers and DRDO scientists, will give a boost to the future deployment of BrahMos in the naval platforms, they said.

"This will give a boost to ongoing programme of future ship installation for the missile. It will be installed in vertical launch configuration in all the future ships of the Indian Navy. This will include the both ships under construction and the ones who come back to shipyards for refurbishment," the sources added.

Indian Navy's second line of Talwar Class ships, under construction in Russia's Kaliningrad Shipyard, will also be equipped with new universal vertically launcher modules.

"Indian Navy's second line of Talwar Class ships, known as the 1135.6 Class in Russia, will also have these vertical launchers," the sources said.

BrahMos has already been inducted in INS Rajput ship in inclined configuration and its land launched version is also in service with the Indian Army .

The IAF is carrying out structural modifications on the Su-30MKI aircraft to develop an air launched version of the missile.

Attempts of integrating the missile in submarines are also on at Russian shipyards.

During the recent visit of Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to India, both sides agreed on developing a hypersonic version of the missile to be known as BrahMos-2.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Monday, December 15, 2008


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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Common Man

Hey guys,
Dont misunderstand me! U will think I am going on & on about this terrorist thing.But things compel me to keep writing as the issue is so touching.

The terrorists came, they did their act, killed as as many people as they could & finished the job entrusted on them.But what about the aftermath ?

In the aftermath of the gory attack, the politicians are fighting amongst themselves as to who is to blame for the negligence. Instead of doing that dont u think the most logical thing would be to take steps to prevent this from happening again?

The two countries, India & Pakistan are fighting each other. What is to be gained out of this.Will terrorism in India finish after a war with Pakistan? How will the common Man gain from this war. The common man will be as much affected by this war as he is by terrorist attack. Hundreds of common men died during the attack. Thousands more will die during the war. What next?????????????

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mad As hell

At 6 pm today, Mumbai's youth intend to stage a 'non-cooperation' movement of sorts at the Gateway of India.

Because everyone is "mad as hell and won't take it anymore"

Because everyone is "mad as hell and won't take it anymore", as Suparn Verma, filmmaker and former rediff staffer, declared on his blog last week.

Verma, director of the forthcoming thriller Acid Factory, has spearheaded the protest to be staged opposite the Taj Hotel on Wednesday evening, inviting everyone to join him and the word has spread like wildfire -- the city's youngsters are preparing to show up and take a stand for what they believe in.

"All I did was decide to take a stand and it's heartening to see how people decided to join in," he says. "Ours is a very motivated generation. Everyone is angry and rather than just light a candle and express sympathy, we need to channel a real effort into showing our collective strength. Our politicians have left our country in a state of disarray and we need to get together and move this mountain."

So how did one statement on one blog become a movement and what exactly is planned at the Gateway today? "People who read the blog have spread the word through SMSes and the Internet, they've turned it into a united agenda," explains Verma. "We're hoping to have a good turnout, hopefully a few thousand -- I've had positive responses from people across all walks of walk, MBAs, bankers, actors, journos... And it's not just in Mumbai, there will also be protests held at the same time this evening in Delhi (Connaught Place), Bangalore (Cubbon Park), Hyderabad (Tank Bund) and other cities."


Monday, December 1, 2008


India & the whole world , by far is being plagued by terrorism. Much has been written about what happened in India, why it happened & how it happened. I don't want to go in to that. I want to bring this whole blogger community together to set up a group to voice our concerns about terrorism. I want your opinions as to how this should be done. Come forward & voice YOUR inner thoughts. Maybe one of us can come up with a brilliant thought which will be able to help the world.