Monday, April 11, 2011

Anna Hazare:Kapil Sibal should resign from Committee

Gandhian Anna Hazare today said Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal should resign from the joint committee to draft the Lokpal Bill "if he feels nothing will happen" out of this institution.

Reacting to a reported statement of Sibal on the Lokpal institution, he said, "If Sibal feels that nothing will happen due to the Lokpal Bill then he should resign from the joint committee as soon as possible.

"Why is he wasting his and our time? He should do other things for the country. Why does he want to be in the committee. If you believe that nothing will happen, you should not be there in the joint committee, he should resign and do some other work," he told reporters before he left for his hometown in Maharashtra.

Sibal had yesterday told a public meeting, "I ask this question, if a poor child does not have any means for education, then how will Lokpal Bill help? If a poor man needs help for medical services then he will call up a politician. How will Lokpal Bill help."

Asked about Hazare's demand, Sibal told reporters today that he was with the Gandhian and that he wanted the Bill to be drafted as early as possible and to be effective in tackling corruption everywhere.

Clarifying his earlier remarks, he said what he had meant was that "the scope of the Bill is different. The problems of the common man are different."

"I said that if you want to educate children, then this has no connection to Lokpal. If there is no convenience of water...Lokpal is only connected to corruption and we will bring a good bill that will stop corruption."

He said they would sit with Hazare and bring out a bill so that the objective will be realised.


Dinesh said...

Every Business BOOMS on Black Money, and so is Politics because of uncontrolled Corruption and Looting with no liability. Kapil Sibal is one of it who would try to use his Mastery of Law to cheat and lie the Country. The day JAN LOKPAL is passed, this booming business of Politics on Black Money would be BANKRUPT and people like Kapil Sibal would have no place in politics.

Sachin said...

Perfectly Stated, Dinesh