Monday, April 18, 2011

Anna Hazare:Letter to Sonia Gandhi

Mrs Sonia Gandhi,
Chairperson, UPA,
10, Janpath, New Delhi

Dear Mrs Gandhi,
We entered the joint committee with the hope of jointly drafting a strong anti corruption law for the country. Your letter to me just a day before I ended my fast that there is an urgent necessity of combating graft and corruption in public life and that law in these matters must be perceptive and deliver the desired the result. However the devt of the last few days have been a cause for concern. It seems that the corrupt forces in the country have united to derail the process of drafting an effective anti corruption thru the jt committee. Together we have to defeat their designs.

One of their strategies is to smear the reputation of the civil society members in the committee. Whereas I am of the view that the public working for the public must be subjected to public scrutiny. However when blatantly false accusations are made fabricated CD are planted, then one feels hat the purpose is not an honest public scrutiny, but to tarnish the reputations. They have not even spared me,even though I have lived a simple life following a path of truth. However I am happy that despite all their efforts the vested interest could not dig out anything of substance.

One of the gen sec. of Congress party has been making many statements in the press in the last one week. I assume he has the support of the party to make such remarks. Most of these statements are factually wrong which makes one believe whether his only intention is to create confusion, mislead people and derail the ongoing discussion in jt committee. Do you personally approve of his statement??? After the jtint committee meeting, one of the ministers addressed the press saying that the meeting was good. Subsequently according to many friends in media, he held a pvt informal debriefing session at his house and falsely accused us of having succumbed to govt. pressure within the committee and that we had diluted the law. This was a completely false statement because there was no discussion at all on the law within the committee. His informal debriefing created confusion in the mind of the people across the country. It appears that his debriefing was meant to send a message to the public that we have  influenced.

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