Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scarletts Murder

The world is reading & discussing about the rape & murder of Scarlett Kelling from Britain on the beaches of Goa(India). The main topic of the discussion is about how her rapist or murderer will be punished. The law will take its own course.The main topic of discussions & blogs is how did her mother leave her , a minor girl in the company of a complete stranger & went of on her tour of India.
The girl was only 15, damn it. Thats an age when you can be easily lured. In addition to that it was found that she was high on a cocktail of LSD, ecstacy & cocain on the night she was killed.
Was it right on her mothers part to leave her alone?
was it the usual thing done in the west.
We Indians treat our girls as minors till they are married even though their ages say they are adults. Is this right or was scarlets Mom right. This surely is a topic of debate. I would like my readers to comment on this & hope bring about a positive change in the peoples attitude.

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