Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aus V/s Ind: Quarterfinals..... What a match!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God! What a match it was! I am not going in the details of the match or telling you the scorecard as everbody knows what happened.I just want to talk about the sheer excitement that match had generated in India & I am sure it was the same in Australia & in all the other cricket playing countries.
It was sheer frenzy! In India, roads were deserted, TV sets were surrounded, & everywhere there was talk of cricket, cricket & only cricket.

It was just a quarterfinal, but we must remember that it was against the reigning champion of the cricket world & the country which had shown signs of reaching the top. The aussies have taken home the world cup three times in a row & four times in all & India did well by defeating them & stopping their succesful run.

It was not just a match between two countries... It was a match between Sachin Tendulkar & Ricky Ponting (both of whom are probably playing their last world cup).

The prematch frenzy was nothing considering the frenzy the actual match generated. A true edge of the seat excitement till the last ball.

Simply wonderful. Hope the Semi final between India & Pakistan will be as good. No matter who wins.

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