Friday, March 13, 2009

Are boys becoming weaker !

Considering the present situation where the girls are succeeding in every field & wining hands on in every competition leaving the boys far behind, the thought certainly comes to mind " Have the boys become weaker than the girls".

By weaker, I dont mean physically, I mean mentally. Is it just possible that this has happened. Let us for a moment consider this as true, then how has this happened?

The phenomenon starts from the very first day at school. The boys are taught by ladies teachers who do not understand their psychology. The teachers are not wrong, but who is to tell them that boys are by nature boisterous & girls are quiet. This nature of the boys is being stopped at a very young age. Let these kids make a little noise for gods sake. Dont compare them with the quiet girls.

As the boys become older this comparison continuous. At every step they are compared with their girl classmates by their teachers parents, teachers or other elders which again affects them psychologically.Nature has made the two sexes different , so why do we want to mould one like the other.

Dont get me wrong, I am not against the ladies coming up in life. On the contrary their progress is very much needed for the progress of the society. But at what costs? Do we want to become a society with weak men who are unable to take decisions? The day will not be far mind you if this continues.


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GutsyWriter said...

I have three boys and have to admit I wish they'd had more male teachers in elementary school. Why wait till high school or Junior high? Also when boys don't sit still in elementary school, they are labeled as having ADHD, too often in society today. What ever happened to boys in school in the 50's. There they weren't given drugs to make them sit still.