Monday, February 2, 2009

Blame game

The people of India are really disgusted with every passing day after the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Its like both the Indian Government & Pakistan government are working hand in hand to just pass the time till people start forgetting about the tragedy & the public demand for action slows down. With every passing day either of the governments find some point or the other & pass on the blame to each other.
Till when will this game continue?

Do they really want to find a solution out of this?

From the look of it the people dont think so. What the general public thinks is that the Indian Government should act tough & give an ultimatum to the Pak Government. Say 24 hours. They have to act before 24 hours or face the consequences. What do you say? Something like this is necessary.

Everyday the foreign ministers of both countries keep giving statements about what is going on & what should be done to curb terrorism. Will this really help? Will any solution be achieved from this?

If the Indians think the root of terrorism is Pakistan, they should go the American way & attack Pakistan & if they dont have enough proof regarding that they should just shut their mouths & wait patiently for the next attack which has been happening continuously for the last many years.

Similarly if the Pakistan has proof that their land is not used for terrorist activities they should hand it over to India & finish the debate once & for all. All this blame game is not going to help.

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