Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mad As hell

At 6 pm today, Mumbai's youth intend to stage a 'non-cooperation' movement of sorts at the Gateway of India.

Because everyone is "mad as hell and won't take it anymore"

Because everyone is "mad as hell and won't take it anymore", as Suparn Verma, filmmaker and former rediff staffer, declared on his blog last week.

Verma, director of the forthcoming thriller Acid Factory, has spearheaded the protest to be staged opposite the Taj Hotel on Wednesday evening, inviting everyone to join him and the word has spread like wildfire -- the city's youngsters are preparing to show up and take a stand for what they believe in.

"All I did was decide to take a stand and it's heartening to see how people decided to join in," he says. "Ours is a very motivated generation. Everyone is angry and rather than just light a candle and express sympathy, we need to channel a real effort into showing our collective strength. Our politicians have left our country in a state of disarray and we need to get together and move this mountain."

So how did one statement on one blog become a movement and what exactly is planned at the Gateway today? "People who read the blog have spread the word through SMSes and the Internet, they've turned it into a united agenda," explains Verma. "We're hoping to have a good turnout, hopefully a few thousand -- I've had positive responses from people across all walks of walk, MBAs, bankers, actors, journos... And it's not just in Mumbai, there will also be protests held at the same time this evening in Delhi (Connaught Place), Bangalore (Cubbon Park), Hyderabad (Tank Bund) and other cities."


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dnyanesh said...

'Pressure Groups' - a politically unbiased group of citizens influencing 'biased and inefficient politicians'

First of all my deepest condolences to all those who lost their near and dear ones on 26th, 27th and 28th November in Mumbai in terror attacks.

It was simply shocking and outrageous to see what has unfolded in front of our eyes on 26th 27th and 28th November in Mumbai. A financial capital of Republic of India has been hit right in its core once again and this time even more intensely by the group of terrorist. As a citizen of India, I felt extremely let down, betrayed by the political parties at various levels of abstraction. These political parties have been over the period 'democratically' elected by the citizens of Republic of India extending their trust in the people who has occupied sits as political leaders.

1. Central and State Government thoroughly failed to protect 'Mother India' once again from the external aggressive forces. The main reason for this failure is nothing but complacency practiced by the Government towards the citizens of Republic of India time in providing with state-of-the-art security to its Nations and ultimately to the citizens. The result of which is yet again citizens were left of cry and mourn on the deaths of their near and dear ones. Yet again normal citizen of India has been killed in its own land by terrorist. Thanks to our 'Government'.

Of course, at the same time these political leaders didnt fail to beefed up their own coat of security leaving us to formulate an equation like, 'the cost of protecting a life of one politician = letting rest of Indian citizens getting killed on streets'

More amusing to see that when our country was going through a tough time in the days of 26th, 27th and 28th November, the political parties and its leaders didn't fail to continue with their political rallies in other states of India. Needless to say, they were at those locations so that by getting elected they could straightway procure a new set of licenses - 1. To keep in power (an official status for exploiting the citizens by various means and ways), 2. Enjoying VIP status with Z, Z+ security formulations and 3. letting citizens of Republic of India who caste their votes to die through the hands of 'politicians and terrorists' (this phrase almost can be used interchangeably).

Form Pressure Groups - a voice of citizens of Republic of India.

What is Pressure Group?

A pressure group in a simplistic term can be described as an organized group form by the citizens of Republic of India that does not put up candidates for election, but instead influence government policy or legislation. In other words, the pressure group is formed of those citizens coming from different walks of life - e.g. journalists, businessman, people working in different institutions, and most importantly a poorest of the society etc. Hence, the pressure group can also be described as ‘interest groups’, ‘lobby groups’ or ‘protest groups’.

In Republic of India where when democratically elected politicians failed to serve their duties, there is absolutely an urgent need of an hour is to form and run number of pressure groups into thousands.

What would be aim of Pressure Groups?

The aim of all the pressure groups will be to influence the political leaders operating at different levels through their power to make decisions. It is very, very important to remember and practice that the pressure groups and naturally its members do not look for the power of political office for themselves, but because of this they certainly do seek to influence the decisions made by those who do hold this political power. And the cause for which pressure groups operate and work must be the same. For instance, when the event like terrorist attacks take place these pressure groups can actually work together to create civic disobedience (Gandhian way of demonstrating its non compliance with ruling power against its oppression and suppression of ordinary citizens) so that Government is always in check of what they are offering to the citizens.

How to Pressure Groups function?

There can be various ways and means by which pressure groups can practice their influence law and ruling Government.

Firstly, it can merely inform the political leaders representing different constituencies about the preferences and feelings of the citizens residing in that constituency.

Secondly, they can in a clean way let the Government know whether they are performing their duties correctly. These pressure groups can take the collective mandate to Government to show the evidence whether the citizens are happy or otherwise by the way Government if functioning. For instance, if a political party at the time of elections issues some promises then its a duty of pressure groups to make sure these promises are fulfilled and reached to those ones in need. Otherwise a set of actions can be taken by the pressure groups.

Thirdly and most importantly, its members may threaten as a group to vote against the ruling Government when its fails to serve its duties as a bloc.

Fourthly, a pressure group may speed up legislation by writing bills (which represent the voice of ordinary citizens) and helping legislators make progressive agreements.


Of course what I have discussed its a first abstraction but the time has arrived to make our voice heard to the deaf ears which are thickened by the arrogance and ignorance of power. Every citizen of Republic of India today must take an oath 'We shall not let ourselves get manipulated because of the failure of political leaders who despite being service providers have preferred taking the role of exploiters. And I as a citizen of Republic of India will stand up for my own right and exercise the its final extent such that 'they sitting in ruling chairs' need to know I am henceforth not helpless but united standing with millions. And I as a citizen of Mother India will make her strong through my own actions and deeds'.

Jai Hind and Vande Mataram.