Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Common Man

Hey guys,
Dont misunderstand me! U will think I am going on & on about this terrorist thing.But things compel me to keep writing as the issue is so touching.

The terrorists came, they did their act, killed as as many people as they could & finished the job entrusted on them.But what about the aftermath ?

In the aftermath of the gory attack, the politicians are fighting amongst themselves as to who is to blame for the negligence. Instead of doing that dont u think the most logical thing would be to take steps to prevent this from happening again?

The two countries, India & Pakistan are fighting each other. What is to be gained out of this.Will terrorism in India finish after a war with Pakistan? How will the common Man gain from this war. The common man will be as much affected by this war as he is by terrorist attack. Hundreds of common men died during the attack. Thousands more will die during the war. What next?????????????

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